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Why I chose Multisensory Learning- The Journey

How I got Started

I have always had a passion for teaching reading. It is the main reason I became a teacher. I had a teacher transform my reading in fourth grade and I wanted to do the same for children.

Once I was in college, I felt the phonics was a little rushed, but… you know, I figured I would figure it out once in the MY actual classroom.

Do you think I figured it out? If you said no, you are right. Once I was inside the classroom, I was lost and confused about teaching reading correctly. I struggled everyday and I went home frustrated each night. You know what else? I also was working at home every. single. night. trying to figure out how to make it work.

I was so lost with my reading block that I started buying books like “The Daily 5” and I also started pursuing my Masters in Literacy Instruction. I loved the program, but after graduation with my Master’s to teach reading, I did not have the tool for teaching and introducing phonics the correct way (crazy right?) but I did figure out how to make my reading block less stressful for me.

Less stressful for me was not helping me build the confident readers I had hoped I would build when I went into teaching.

After 3 years of teaching Kinder and one year of Third Grade, I was finally given the opportunity to take Orton-Gillingham Training. This is where my multisensory Journey began.

I learned so much, that I immediately started to brainstorm ways that I could implement it in my Kindergarten classroom the following year. I went through lots of trial and error that year, but I was inspired to find a way to teach reading that worked.

I tutored, designed resources and even started teaching my son at home. I decided that I wanted to share this Journey with the world. When I find things that are effective, I share them with you through blog post, tips, and most importantly multisensory activities and resources.

Thanks for Reading,

Ashley Cromwell


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